The little ships of Denmark

Fishing boats at Gamborg. Fyn, Denmark

Looking back over the photos I took in Denmark, one would be forgiven for thinking that the country contained little except small fishing boats and wharves. Somehow, nearly half of the images relate to waterfront, watercraft and jetties of various descriptions. Perhaps this islander has been missing the sea while living in Paris?

Wharf at Moesgard beach, south of Århus

My three days in Denmark only provided a short glimpse of the country, but I liked what I saw (OK, I’m an avowed Nordophile). Apart from anything else, the Danes seem to be the best drivers in the world – I didn’t see a single speed camera or cop, but everyone stuck to the speed limit.

Countryside in central Jutland

The real highlight of my visit was meeting up with Sigurdór and his family. We’ve been friends on the internet for something like five years, but never met in person. Somehow it turned out that the midpoint between Paris and Reykjavík was a trampoline in the garden at Hingeballe.


A short few hours in Copenhagen on my last day was not enough time to really get a feel for the city, but sufficient to convince me to return for a longer visit sometime. Although I’d probably come home with another bunch of photos of little boats.

Sailing boat at Svenstrup. Fyn, Denmark

Beside the Norsminde Fjord. Jutland, Denmark

On the beach at Løkken. Jutland, Denmark

4 thoughts on “The little ships of Denmark

  1. I like your little boats. And I’ve been enjoying catching up with all your pictures, videos and writings of your trip. I’ve not so far scraped together more than a few words about my trip (aside from the journal I kept), and I’m having trouble doing so. Never mind. Best not to force these things. 🙂

  2. When you do make it to Copenhagen for more than a few hours, let me know. I know some stuff to do and some people to meet. And where the best hot-dog cart is. Danish hot dogs are pretty neat.

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