It’s been a long time between posts… Since the last note appeared on the Left Bank in May 2012, a lot has happened. France has voted for François Hollande as president, and Hollande has looked bewildered by the decision ever since.

I’ve moved out of St German, crossed the river and bought an apartment. I’ve been to New Zealand twice, and changed roles at work. I’ve got engaged. Renovations, living for 2 months on a friends couch, the Sorbonne-infused routine of a law school fiançée, supermarket shopping and delays on the métro have all conspired to keep this blog in abeyance. Bref, la vie, quoi.

rue Letort

But now we’ve been living in the 18th arrondissement for a year, and life is finding some sort of routine again, it seems a good moment to recommence the discipline of blogging.

I’m not sure exactly what the posts will focus on. Hopefully some photos of life here in Paris, and travels elsewhere. Maybe a theme will emerge.

Café Rostand

Or, perhaps we’ll just post picture of animals in Paris. Let see how we go. Until next time… miaow.

On the Line 12

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