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“Dubious questioning is a much better evidence than that senseless deadness which most take for believing. People that know nothing… have no doubts. Never be afraid to doubt, if only you have the disposition to believe, and doubt in order that you may end in believing the truth.”
-Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Keas dining out

A short and unreliable history of etnobofin.com:

etnobofin started in Auckland, New Zealand, but quickly expatriated itself to Europe. After several years of bucolic interlude in Oxford and tours of duty in Birmingham and Montpellier, it now has established a Kommandatur in Paris, whence pointless musings are emitted to an ever diminishing readership.

etnobofin’s original mission statement was “free parking for improvisation in multiple environments” since September 2004. Since nobody understands what that means, (least of all me), it’s become a common-or-garden blog that’s mainly about life, music, friends, travel and anything else that bubbles up.

For a while, there was a shedload of jazz happening on this blog. Cats and kittens popped in from around the world to sample the sounds. Jazz still appears occasionally, but generally is more of a skulking, guilty presence, and many of the cats and kittens have found other kitchen doors in the neighbourhood to paw against.

Despite the cats, there’s also been a healthy population of parrots here too. They’re called keas (Nestor notabilis) and like the blog’s author, they come from New Zealand.

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