People I know who blog:

A Considerable Speck – Rushan’s blog – Andrew Dubber, a kiwi in Birmingham who knows about stuff

Tash McGill – Her Backpack on the Journey

Nick – Life, Learning, Lattes (Nick is my evil Canadian twin who seldom blogs)

los amigos de durutti – matt’s view on music from boston

Pie and Coffee – Kaishu and friends’ collective, transatlantic blog of wonderfulness

Tokyobold – Murray flatted with me for a while, now he lives in Tokyo. I do not think these two facts are linked.

Skonrokk – news from Iceland

Oxford Blogs:

GodzDogz – Blogging Dominicans at Blackfriar’s, including Lawrence O.P.

Oxford Daily Photo

Sarah Laurence – An American author who spent a year in Oxford. Now she writes stunning posts about life in Maine

Voxford – John Kelly’s blog


White Like Milk – Ben in Brum, who likes cake and draws Astronaut Ducks.  His ten commandments are wise too.

Birmingham – It’s Not Shit – Only a city like Birmingham could sustain a blog like this.


Ben Vautier -French artist. This is exactly what a website should be

Jazz Frisson – Jean Francois in Canada blogs about… jazz! (fr/en)

Le Klariscope – Happenings in Paris

Electric Politics – George Kenney’s essential podcast

Stephen Fry – Stephen Fry, one of the few true geniuses of our age, deigns to live online for the greater intellectual emolument of us all

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